• We are Dedicated to Educational Tourism

  • We are Dedicated to Educational Tourism

  • We are Dedicated to Educational Tourism

Butterfly Holidays is an educational tourism company. We offer packages dedicated to those who wish to experience a productive holiday in the United Arab Emirates through an English learning program to improve speaking, writing and reading skills. The U.A. E.  with its diverse population, boasts a strong international reputation as a dynamic, stable and safe destination for all. As it matures in its role as a global hub of culture, art and knowledge we Butterfly Holidays, proudly offer our "Fast English Learning” program here in the U.A.E. through  unmatched course integrated holiday packages.

We have programs that have been designed for different age groups, individuals and families, long or short term stays, in a five star holiday resort. Our English courses are for everyone and offer several ways of learning, according to your needs.

Our “Fast English Learning” program is delivered by our professional and highly qualified teachers in a supportive, fun and creative manner in the most effective way.

We, the founders, are long time residents of Dubai. Our children have spent all their teenage years there in an international school and have become bilingual young adults by now. We came to fully understand the decisive contribution of English to education and to the opening on today's world.

Most parents from non-English speaking countries strive to give their children an opportunity to learn English at the source and may look to countries like the UK, the USA, Canada, Australia or any other English speaking countries as a solution. But the U.A.E. is a premium solution to consider as well.

The U.A.E. have been going to the ultimate possible in the past 20 years in terms of service, tourism and cultural development, implementing world class infrastructures. With a very diverse population (more than 200 different nationalities) although Arabic is the official language of U.A.E . English is widely spoken and is standard within the business community.

The U.A.E. therefore is the perfect choice to learn English and fully enjoy your vacation. We, Butterfly Holidays, will make sure every step of your experience with us will be the most pleasant and a memorable one.

Be the leading professionals in linguistic tourism in the U.A.E. in the next five years

Professionalism in the design and execution of our offering Customer Satisfaction, parents as well as students Innovation in our offering Accountability

Give the opportunity to young students to enjoy a multinational and multicultural environment and quickly improve their practice of English

Provide our packages to students from all over the world and all year long.

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